Why did we create this program?

THE BEAT BALLROOM COMPANY created this program to show our support for Boys participatin in ballroom dance. It used to be that a gentlemen was considered socially awkward and outcast if he did not have the skill of knowing how to dance with a lady. Today, we find the reverse. In most cities it is very common for boys to be professional dancers, here in Billings, our male dancers are PIONEERS to this sport and art form. We want to show them that they are important and vital to dancesport. It is a fact that if there weren't any male dancers, ballroom dancing simply wouldn't exist.

What does the Program include?

The scholarship offers to boys ages 6-16 years old who meet the eligibility requirmens,

FREE dance  tuition! 


What are the eligibilty requirements?

To be eligible for the BOYS IN BALLROOM dance scholarship the following requirements must be met:

-be between the ages of 6-16 years of age

-Attend regular social dance class

-Be a part of THE BEAT show & competition team and attend rehearsals 

-not miss more than 3 classes or rehearsals (acceptions will be made only in the case of EXTREME emergencies)

-Perform in all of THE BEAT show & competition team performances and competitions including but not limited to The Big Sky State Games and Diversity Dance Studio Recital in the spring. 

-Pay for their own costume fees and Team Tshirt 

-Purchase their own ballroom dance shoes (shoe requirements depend on the age and level of the dancer)

-Participate in the yearly ballroom dance class photos. No purchase is necessarry. 

-Have and Maintain a positive attitude as well as display exemplary conduct in classes, rehearsals, performances, competitions, and any other event where the scholarship recipient is representing THE BEAT BALLROOM COMPANY. 

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