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Why ballroom dance?

Ballroom dance  FOR KIDS provides your child with a great opportunity to:

-Learn Manners and ettiquette

-Gain the skills needed to Social Dance

-Strengthen Leading and Following Skills

-Develop Confidence and Self Esteem

-Learn Team Work

-Meet new friends

-Gain Performance Experience

-Bless the lives of others by sharing their talents

-Be able to dance for their ENTIRE LIVES (Prom, Weddings, with their spouse, etc.)



Ages 6-9 years


Ages 10-12 years


Ages 13-15 years


Ages 16-18 years

(TEEN and YOUTH may be combined depending on class size)



1. Social Dancing


3. Service

Social Dancing

The SOCIAL DANCE part of class, teaches your child to dance the basic steps in foxtrot, single step swing, waltz, cha cha cha, mambo, tango, and polka. We also incorporate manners and etiquette such as learning to ask a partner to dance, escorting, how to sit properly, and eat refreshments at an event. It also teaches them a deeper awareness and respect for other's feelings.  



Learning to perform  a fun choreographed routine is both a healthy challenge for children as well as a creative outlet for a them to express themselves. 

You'll be amazed as you watch their confidence and self esteem grow as they become comfortable performing to audiences, including you their parents!

The routines they learn break away from the basic steps and are used to put on a great show for others to enjoy as well as ignite their creativity. 

Stylish, modest costumes are ordered and worn for these performances. 


It is a high priority for us at THE BEAT to teach our students to develope their talents and then share them with the world to bless the lives of others.


We try to do this by performing at charity and fundraising events as well as touring nursing and retirement homes.

We also perform for local schools to inspire and lead their peers to get involved in good wholesome activities like dance and sports.

If you are a school or organization who would like for our dancers to come perform for you, please contact Arica at 208-520-3905 or email at arica@thebeatballroom.com